• Produce concentrated Ozone Gas use to sterilize and deodorize in an industrial level
  • Electrolysis system no risk of cancer-causing chemicals

Produce concentrated Ozone Gas

Concentrated Ozone Gas

Production Lines

Sterilizing raw materials and reducing risk

Industrial Ice Machine

Cooling Tower Disinfection

Food and beverage Industry

Sterilization of raw materials and packaging


OWS - 1

Rated for 1g./hr.


OWS - 3

Rated for 3 g./hr.

About this item


  • Produce concentrated Ozone gas for Industrial use
  • Sterilization of Production Line 
  • Sterilization of Industrial Ice Machine

Product Usage

  • Integrated into tap water systems with water filtration systems filter lifetime vary depending on brands

  • Replace iEOG parts and disposable parts every 30,000 hr.

  • Water pressure available from <2-7 Kg/cm2 with Flow rate up from 200 – 6000 LPH

Product details

  • x1 OWS
  • x1 Installation kit

  • Warranty and manual